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Whether you’re on the verge of launching a new business, struggling to put an idea into action, or have some insight on what it takes to build an authentic brand, it’s the stories of people like you, America’s everyday entrepreneurs, that we’re out to capture.

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Recent Interviews – Austin, TX

1. Kelly Holt – The Austin Phoenix Magazine
2. Leanne Schmidt – Studio Impromptu
3. Maryna Marston – Square Earth Studio
4. Christine Stafford & Kelly Curtis – W3ll People Cosmetics
5. Michaela Cour & Brian Rainey – Strikingly Fit
6. Rebekah Epstein – Fifteen Media PR
7. Hanh Tran – The Hanh Gallery
8. Luke McCoy & Mike Schmidt – Event Driven LLC
9. Kris Bushen – Bushen Racing Association of Texas
10. Shawn Faver – Coach Faver’s Training & Wellness

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10.10.15 – 1.10.15
Homebase: Louisville, KY

Also Covering:
Nashville, TN
New York, NY
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA

1.10.15 – 4.10.15
Homebase: Chicago, IL

Also Covering:
Detroit, MI
Cincinnati, OH
Kansas City, MO

4.10.15 – 7.10.15
Homebase: Portland, OR

Also Covering:
Omaha, NE
Bozeman, MT
Seattle, WA

7.10.15 – 10.10.15
Homebase: Salt Lake City, UT

Also Covering:
San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO