Art and Technology

Make a Futuristic Portrait

We are going to make futuristic portraits using software, a green screen and artworks from Tate's collection

Be inspired

Do it!

  • Be inspired by art. Click through the slideshow below or explore Tate Kids.
  • Look at some of the older portraits in Tate's Collection. Have a look at what else is in the portraits. There are fruits, detailed costumes and big houses.
  • Have a look at some of the modern portraits like those by David Hockney. Look at other portraits in the collection and save them to a folder on your desktop.
  • Check out this film by Sophie Mitchells. Think about how she uses light and colour in her filmmaking.

This film file is broken and is being removed. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

  • Make your film backgrounds. Open GifToSyphon. Choose a Gif to make into a moving background. Save a few of your favourite backgrounds.
  • Make your set. Put up some green paper on the wall using white tac. This will be your green screen.
  • Open Chroma Key Live.
  • You will now by working on the background and foreground of your portrait. From the panel of the Chroma Key software, you need to select what kind of image or film (this is called ‘Source’) you want to use for the foreground and background (e.g the camera input; syphon GIF or other movie/image).

Some tips:

  • Keep ‘Composite’ on the ‘Show’ section.
  • Keep ‘Camera Input’ as foreground.
  • Use your Movie/Image for your Background source.
Load your image

© Tate

  • Load your image or video file that you want to use for the background.
Pick a colour

© Tate

  • Then pick the colour you want to delete from the foreground.
  • After that, have fun! Play with the settings of edge fade, tolerance, position and size.
  • If you'd like, here are some further guidelines and info about the use of Chroma Key Live.
  • Act out your portrait in front of your webcam. What will you be doing in 5, 10, 30 years’ time? Maybe use props. Grab a friend and play out a scene in the future.
  • Press Record. Make a few portraits and then show them to friends and family. Perform your portraits. Maybe make some music to go with them. Choose a song to go with it or make some sounds with found objects.
  • Share your creation with us. Get your parent or guardian to upload your film onto Vimeo or YouTube and email Tate Kids the link. We love to see your creations and we could show it on Tate Kids!

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