Tate Collective Producers

You don’t need any previous art experience to be a Tate Collective Producer, just a desire to get creative, experiment and collaborate.

Tate Liverpool

Are you 16-25 years old, based in the North West and interested in joining the Tate Collective Producers? Come join one of our events! Here you’ll get to learn about what we do, meet current Tate Collective Producers and members of staff. We then invite a small group to a taster session.

To find out more email us at collective@tate.org.uk

Tate St Ives

Age 15-25 and based in Cornwall? Look out for our sessions to learn more about becoming a Tate Collective Producer. This is your chance to get hands-on and practical behind the scenes at Tate St Ives. We don't expect you to have previous experience and you don't have to attend all the sessions to be involved.

To find out more email us at kate.turner@tate.org.uk


We recruit Tate Collective Producers from youth and education organisations local to our galleries in London.

Want to get involved?

A group of people sitting in a circle

Tate Collective team preparing for a discussion at Tate Modern

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