a member of Tate's visiting staff waves

Before you visit Tate St Ives we recommend booking a ticket.

You can book your ticket on our website.

You can book your ticket over the phone on +44 01736 791177.

Tickets prices vary. If you are under 19 you can visit for free. You may also be eligible for a discounted ticket.

Members do not need to book. If you're a member you will need to bring your membership card.

In summer, Tate St Ives is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10.00 until 17.20. Last admission is at 17.00.

In winter, we are open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.00 until 16.20. Last admission is 16.00.

We are closed from 24–26 December.

It is quietest at the start and end of the day.

You can call us on + 44 (0)173 679 6226 to find out:

how busy the gallery will be that day

what the quietest time slot will be

exterior of Tate st ives
a parent and child wearing face coverings walking into the gallery.

You may want to bring a face mask.

You don't have to wear a mask but we encourage you to if you are comfortable doing so.

Person using a sanitiser dispenser.

There are hand sanitisers for you to use in the gallery.

You can bring your own if you prefer.

Card machine and a sign saying please use contactless payments.

You can pay by cash, card or contactless in the gallery.

You may want to buy food or something from the shop.

white lockers with keys in the doors.

There are lockers on the ground floor.

You can store your items there whilst you explore the gallery.

tate st ives gallery on beach

Photo: © Rikard Österlund

The gallery faces Porthmeor Beach.

The front of the building is round and has TATE written vertically in large letters.

You can find directions for how to get to Tate St Ives on our Tate St Ives gallery page.

exterior of Tate St Ives showing the ramp and stairs to the entrance

Photo: © Rikard Österlund

To reach the gallery entrance you can use the stairs or the ramp. Both have handrails.

At the top of the stairs is a round pavilion.

Automatic glass doors to Tate St ives.

The glass doors into the gallery open and close automatically.

A member of security staff checking a visitors bag.

If you have a bag, a security staff member may check what's inside.

Security staff keep the gallery safe.

a member of staff scans a visitor ticket.

A member of staff will scan your ticket.

You can show your ticket printed or on your mobile phone.

Ticket desk at Tate St Ives.

If you would like to buy a ticket on the day you can visit our information desk.

It is on the ground floor to the right of the gallery entrance.

At the desk you can also ask for help or information.

A member of staff can give you:

a person holds a set of ear defenders.

Ear defenders.

a magnifier held over a wall text.

Magnifiers and coloured overlays.

A stack of foldable stools next to the gallery wall.

Foldable stools.

There are signs in the gallery to help you get around Tate St Ives.

staircase with handrail at Tate St Ives.

You can take the stairs.

Entrance to the lifts at Tate St Ives.

You can use the lifts.

You can use our communication cards to ask for directions to facilities in the gallery. These include toilet, café, seating, shop, quiet room, and exit.

Show one of the cards to a member of Tate staff if you need to be shown to one of these places.

There are two colour versions and are available to download onto your device or print at home. Use whichever version you find easiest to read.

We have lots of people visiting the gallery.

There may be families visiting.

There may be visitors talking.

You might see people drawing.

You might see people taking photos.

Some areas can get crowded and noisy but other parts of the gallery are quiet.

Ask staff if you would like to be taken to a quieter area.

somebody walks in the gallery to look at art

You will see different types of art. There are sculptures, paintings, films and installations throughout the gallery.

view of the sea from the gallery

You will see views across the sea.

black icon on white background showing no touching

You cannot touch the artworks.

black icon of an apple with a cross

You cannot eat in the gallery.

black icon of a drink with a cross through it

You cannot drink in the gallery.

black icon with showing no flash camera

You cannot take photos with flash in the gallery.

In some exhibitions you cannot take any photos. You can check with a member of staff before you enter.

Look out for markings on the floor or wire barriers around some artworks. This is so you do not get too close to the art.

The wire barriers may make a sound if it is crossed. This is to help you know to step back.

a toilet sign

There are lots of toilets in the gallery. The toilets have hand dryers which you may find noisy.

There are standard toilets on the left, just before you enter the gallery spaces.

An accessible Changing Places toilet and baby change facilities is on Level 3.

Toilets and changing facilities are in the newest part of the building, through Gallery 5.

The Foyle Studio is on Level 3. It sometimes has activities or events that you can join in with.

If there is something happening in this room, there will be a poster at the door to explain.

Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it’s light. Sometimes it is silent, or has film or sound. Sometimes it is busy, or quiet.

a person and a child sit in the cafe looking out to sea

The café and shop are on the top floor (Level 4).

In the café you can find a table and then order at the counter. The staff will ask for your table number when you order.

In the summer you can choose to sit inside or outside.

You can only eat food that is bought in the café here.

It can be crowded and noisy some of the time, especially at lunchtime.

a person holds a jug in the shop

The shop is opposite the entrance to the cafe.

You can buy books, homeware, prints and postcards in the shop.

In the event of an evacuation, a loud alarm will sound. Staff will ask you to exit the gallery via the nearest door and wait outside.

They will let you know when it is safe to go back inside the building.

When it is time to go home you can leave through the exit on Level 1. This is the same door that you used to enter the gallery.

We hope you enjoy your visit.